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Binh Thuan is a place which once you visit, you will never forget. The pristine beauty of blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine have left an unforgettable impression in each tourist‘s heart. However, that‘s not everything, Binh Thuan is more gorgeous than we think. From a little warm and peaceful yellow of spring acacia flowers to colorful bushes of wildflowers along the roads, especially the green color of resilient life against the harsh nature, you can find them all in Novela Ecotype ecotourism area, which is considered a new wind of Bac Binh, Binh Thuan tourist


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After contemplating all the scenery of Novela Ecotype, remember to experience interesting recreational services such as camping, fish catching, fishing, terrain car racing, visiting public playground and so on. The professionalism of the tourism area guarantees that you will have a perfect holiday. Especially, you should not miss the diverse, attractive and delicious cuisine of Binh Thuan carefully cooked by its chefs...