Novela Ecotype ecotourism area,

a new wind of Binh Thuan tourism!

Binh Thuan is a place which once you visit, you will never forget. The pristine beauty of blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine have left an unforgettable impression in each tourist‘s heart. However, that‘s not everything, Binh Thuan is more gorgeous than we think. From a little warm and peaceful yellow of spring acacia flowers to colorful bushes of wildflowers along the roads, especially the green color of resilient life against the harsh nature, you can find them all in Novela Ecotype ecotourism area, which is considered a new wind of Bac Binh, Binh Thuan tourist....

Built on a more-than-60-hectare-large piece of land in Hong Phong commune, Bac Binh district, Novela Ecotype ecotourism area is a green tourism product which offers a variety of diverse and attractive choices such as a bar, a restaurant, a garden of sculptures, a fish pond, a garden and so on which can promisingly bring the greatest relaxing moments for tourists in their journey to this land full of sunshine and winds.

It can be said that Novela Ecotype is really successful in creating its own unique style. Everyone who comes here will share that thinking because this place is distinct in terms of architecture, natural scenery and recreational services thanks to the perfect combinations between traditional culture and modern features, relaxing peace and little urban noise, nature and human.

Novela Ecotype impresses tourists at the very first sight with its historic architectural style. In the center of the tourism area, there are three houses on stilts of Thai people in Thanh Hoa - Nghe An region. These houses which are almost similar to the original ones appear cozy, close and evoke the images of the ancestral root and the daily life thousand years ago.

More sophisticatedly, the tourism area has also restored the image of Thai Binh Hung Bao coin (the very first coin of Vietnam which was cast in 970) as a reminder of the ancestral root and a wish for Vietnamese people in general and for Novela Ecotype in particular.

Besides, in front of the bungalow, there are 12 sculptures of 12 folk animal designations which symbolize Vietnamese folk culture. Tourists who come here not only contemplate the unique culture but can also save the lovely moments beside their own animal as a symbol of luck and deeply human value of Novela Ecotype.

Not only because of its architecture, this place also attracts tourists by the exceptional scenery of the Vietnamese countryside in this modern era. The airy space, as well as the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of this place, is completely different from the hustle and bustle of the city, which will definitely fascinate you. Staying away from work pressure, tiredness and anxiety, you can let your soul refresh and relax in the cool breezes in order to be energized to face the life full of temptations.

The green color of Novela Ecotype spreading from hedges of bamboos waving in the wind to rows of coconuts mirroring in the lake of 5000 square meters, and the blue sky make this place become a paradise. In addition, the beautiful scenery of the African acacia forest is where you can take selfie photos comfortably without any need to worry about their beauty and uniqueness.

This is an interesting destination for couples and for those who love romance or simply for beauty lovers. Nothing is better than walking on the roads full of red color of flowers, yellow color of the blooming acacia flowers.

After contemplating all the scenery of Novela Ecotype, remember to experience interesting recreational services such as camping, fish catching, fishing, terrain car racing, visiting public playground and so on. The professionalism of the tourism area guarantees that you will have a perfect holiday. Especially, you should not miss the diverse, attractive and delicious cuisine of Binh Thuan carefully cooked by its chefs.

All of these contribute to simple, cozy but diverse Novela Ecotype. Therefore, don‘t hesitate to come here to blow a new wind to your monotonous life.